As I write these words from my hotel room in Tel Aviv, it's easy to rush this time of the year to start fresh in 2015. A new year is the perfect opportunity to embrace new beginnings, but I would like to take this time to reflect on 2014. 

What were the best moments? The lessons learned from the (oh so many) challenges of entrepreneurship?


In the end, this is what we will remember: the moments that have left an imprint on us. 2014 has seen the opening of my shop in PMQ, my team growing from 1 to 3, the first birthday of my youngest daughter… many “first times”, which are fun and exciting.


Then come the challenges. In all projects, the middle part, the meat of the project is the toughest. We celebrate the launch and look at the completion with impatience. What about the heart of the project, where all our efforts pour into to make it happen? I have learned two things: “Rome was not built in a day” and it’s OK if you don’t have it all figured out. My biggest lesson of 2014 is no matter what I’m doing whether it is organising an event or working on my website, what matters most is the people I’m engaged with, that bit of journey we share together.

Before you jump into 2015, I invite you to reflect on your achievements this year, on your memorable moments and the values you wish to cultivate in 2015.

Happy Holidays!